7 Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Personality Traits

Running a business isn’t easy, but it doesn’t take being an extrovert or having a Type A personality to be successful. The truth is, several iconic figures in the business world are quite the opposite.

Many of the best entrepreneurs do, however, have a few personality traits in common. These include the ability to handle stress and having a clear vision, while still remaining flexible in order to overcome obstacles that may arise along the way.

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

  1. Vision

Entrepreneurs have a clear vision. They spot an opportunity and go for it. In other words, they’re innovators who have a solid plan and stick to it.

  1. Passion

Entrepreneurs are passionate about every venture they are involved with. They invest themselves fully and give it everything they’ve got. They are driven by passion and purpose, and don’t give up even if others tell them they should. They are self-motivated in every sense of the word.

  1. Self-Confidence

In order to be successful, entrepreneurs know that they must be decisive and willing to break a few rules. They are confident in their decisions and know that they will succeed.

  1. Willingness to Take Risks

Confidence comes with the willingness to take risks. Entrepreneurs who are confident in their business know that there will be failures along the way, but that doesn’t stop them from taking risks. They also have the knowledge that allows them to mitigate risk.

  1. Flexibility

Obstacles will arise throughout the course of business. Entrepreneurs know this will happen and are able to find a way around every issue that presents itself.

  1. Persistence

Entrepreneurs are able to handle anything that gets thrown at them. They are determined, resilient, and excellent at handling the stresses of owning a business. These are important qualities, especially since there are failures in every venture. It’s how entrepreneurs handle the failures that makes a difference.

  1. Willingness to Face Fears

Entrepreneurs aren’t necessary fearless, but they do take advantage of any opportunity to face their fears. There are always new things to take on and new processes to master, but successful entrepreneurs are willing to face their fears and conquer any task at hand.

Some people are naturally more self-confident and resilient than others, but many of these traits can also be learned. Do you possess these personality traits?


By Samantha Haupt


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