Are You a Consumer, Provider or Producer?

Become a Producer or Provider

People fall into all sorts of categories, but the 3 that have intrigued me lately are Consumers, Providers and Producers.  We are all consumers to some extent because we all buy goods and services that we use on ourselves, our families and even in our businesses.  However, what sets apart the day-to-day consumer from a pure Consumer is that, is that the consumption cycle of a pure Consumer is buy – use – produce waste.  Consumers are necessary to keep the business cycle going but as far as making an impact on the world they are the least relevant.

Next we have Providers.  These are our re-sellers and distributors, our car salesmen and our hardcore sales people.  They bring to pure Consumers and those of us that also consume, the goods and services that we need.  They don’t actually create anything they’re just a channel from the creator to the consumer.  Their consumption cycle is buy – consume – resell and they are the engines that keep the markets going.

Finally we have the Producers – they are the creators.  Producers are the innovators, the ones who look down the line, determine what Consumers and other Producers need and create it.  The world would stop without Producers – nothing new would happen and problems would go unsolved.

So, are you a Producer, Provider or Consumer or some mix?  From a business perspective, businesses cannot be pure Consumers, so they are either Providers or Producers.  If your business is a pure Provider, then chances are your success or failure will rest on how fast Producers create and Consumers consume – which may be slow in a down economy.  If your business is a pure Producer, then you stand the chance of running out of money before your “lucky break” because you’re spending all your time creating (spending money) and not enough time selling (earning money).  You need the right balance of Producer and Provider where you solve problems and bring those solutions to those who need it.

Here is a free online course to help you become a Producer/Provider.  It’s a holistic entrepreneurship program that develops you as an individual first then shows you how to create a business out of who you are – http://BootstrapBootcamp/Free.


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