Create More Free Time with These Productivity Tips



Many entrepreneurs will argue that time is the most valuable resource. You can always make more money, but you can never get back lost time.

Another new year has begun and it’s time to free up some of your day. Take control of your life by allotting your time carefully and following these guidelines to use your time in only the most productive way possible.

  1. Keep track of your goals for each day, month and year. Neatly writing them down can help get rid of distracting clutter in your mind and help you organize your goals and important tasks on paper.
  2. Ask yourself five questions about each task on your to-do list. Can I eliminate this task? Can I automate this task? Can I outsource or assign this task to someone else? Can I simplify this task or cut out any unnecessary components involved with this task? Can I break this task down into several smaller and simpler tasks?
  3. Schedule your day by allotting a specific amount of time for each task. Don’t forget to schedule time for frequent breaks to refresh your mind and keep you alert.
  4. Determine when you are the most productive and use that time to complete your most important tasks. Some tasks require more brainpower than others, and those are the ones that you should work on when you’re awake and motivated.
  5. Get rid of all distractions that could prevent you from completing your goals in a timely manner. This commonly includes email alerts that pop up on your computer screen or phone, social media notifications and phone calls or text messages from co-workers and especially friends.

If you’re not sure where to start, think about where your time is best spent. Focus on the tasks that will make you money or the tasks that must be completed before anything else. Most importantly, train yourself to say no to others if your goals don’t line up.

Do you use any other methods of freeing up time in your day? Share your own productivity tips in a comment below.


By Samantha Haupt

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  • Bill Kasman

    All good advice. Pity I’m not disciplined enough to stick to it rigidly!

    • Thanks for reading, Bill. I know what you mean – it can be difficult, but I try my best!

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