Bootstrap Bootcamp 1 on 1 Coaching

Before you take the step into entrepreneurship make sure that you’re ready.  Ready to handle the life and business challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.  We will guide you through the five pillars of entrepreneurship as well as the why, what and how of executing your business.

Five Pillars of Entrepreneurship

  1. Understand Money
  2. Know Purpose
  3. Start a Business
  4. Run a Business
  5. Leave a Legacy


What do you want to do with your time?  What impact do you want to make on your family, community, city and the world?  What impact do you want to have on culture (culture inspires people differently than people inspire people)?  What’s the why behind your business?  The answers are both internal and external.
–> Are you an entrepreneur-leader?


What business is going to implement your why?
–> What business should you/do you want to start?


How are you going to get your business started and going? What strategies are going to implement your what?
–> Have you planned for the business? Have you planned to start?
–> Have you started? If not,what’s stopping you? What do you need?


Do it!
–> How’s the business going? What do you need? What does your sales look like? What’s hindering you?
–> I’m a fully functioning entrepreneur-leader!

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