How to Get More Done by Working Less

Get More Done by Working Less

It’s true that it takes hard work to be successful, but that’s not all it takes. Productivity is a huge part of achieving your goals, and the more productive you are, the less you will actually have to work. Don’t believe it? What if you took half the time to do each task you planned out for the day? You would get your entire to-do list finished just after lunch, which means you would be able to stop and relax until the next morning.

This is easier said than done. In order to get more done by working less, check out the following tips to increase your productivity and start producing results today.

Write Down Your Goals

First, you must think of realistic, achievable goals and write them down. Try to break them up into smaller goals, so that they are easier to accomplish. For instance, if one of your major goals is to open a website for your business, you should divide it into multiple tasks. This may include tasks such as writing the “About” page, picking out a template for the site, and writing five blog posts to start with.

When you are writing down your goals, think of it in terms of time. Write down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals in order to see the best results. These types of goals will allow you to gauge whether or not you are being productive and getting done what you were hoping to get done by a specific point in time.

Time Each Task Carefully

Not only should you be writing down your goals, but you should also allot a certain amount of time for each task. Break up your day into small chunks, so that you give yourself a maximum amount of time to complete each goal. This way, you won’t find yourself delaying what needs to be done. This way, you will have to avoid distraction and stay focused on the task at hand.

Take Frequent Breaks

Once you are finished writing down your goals and assigning each task to a specific timespan, don’t forget to take breaks. Taking frequent breaks allows your brain time to relax and refresh itself for what’s to come. If you work non-stop, you will eventually feel burnt out and not want to do anymore at all. You will also feel that you are going slower and slower, so to prevent this, breaks are necessary. Breaks can be as simple as an afternoon walk in your neighborhood or going for a drive to the nearest coffee shop for a midday snack.

Once you figure out how you work best and plan out the days ahead, you will find that you are getting more done in a shorter period of time. This means you can get more done by working less, thereby enjoying your life much more and working the way you want!


By Samantha Haupt

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