How to Live Your Life on Purpose

Living a purposed file begins with creating a personal Strategic Life Plan.  A Strategic Life Plan is like a business plan for life. It is the guide that is used to fulfill one’s purpose, see one’s vision come to fruition and accomplish life goals.

Developing a Strategic Life Plan may take hours, days, weeks and for some years to complete, however, it is our hope that our system will be a guide in the right direction and enable individuals to complete their Strategic Life Plan sooner rather than later.  Workshop attendees will be taught: what is a strategic life plan, how to write a strategic life plan, how to assess oneself in order to determine who they are and where they  are in life and time management principles that will enable success in life. The Strategic Life Plan System comprises of five major components:

  1. Assessment
  2. Ingredients
  3. Goals
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Compass

The Assessment phase is where you take stock where you are in life. What have you achieved? What experiences have you had? Your strengths, roles, core values, purpose statement and vision are the basic building blocks (Ingredients) of your Strategic Life Plan. Based on your Assessment what are your Ingredients? Now that you know what Ingredients you have to work with, what Goals do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? What Goals are you now compelled to accomplish? The Goals phase is where you not just create a to-do list but an action plan for how to accomplish your Goals. The Lifestyle phase is where you determine the lifestyle habits you will adopt so that you will stay on track with your Strategic Life Plan. Your Compass is your manifesto. It is the executive summary of your Strategic Life Plan – it should be completed after everything else is done. Your Compass is the statement that you read to remind One of our previous presentations for this course can be viewed at strategic-life-plan-system-you-only-have-one-life-to-live-plan-well-live-well. The “Simple Steps to a Purposed Life” workshop will be taught by Keno Mullings.   A projector will be needed to deliver the workshop.   We will provide the host a copy of the Strategic Life Planning Handbook that is to be printed and distributed to the workshop attendees.