Improve Your Landing Page in 5 Simple Steps

Improve Your Landing PageSo, you have a landing page, but you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for. This can happen to anyone, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about creating high converting landing pages. Fortunately, you can easily improve your results by employing a few simple techniques.

Landing page design is extremely important, especially for the purpose of converting visitors into customers. Whether we’re talking about the end goal, the value proposition, testing, or the visual design of the page, it’s important to keep in mind that each of these elements is important on both an individual basis and as a whole. One element must remain consistent with the next in order to increase your conversion rate.

Consider the following five simple steps to improve your landing page in minutes.

  1. Determine Your End Goal

What is the purpose of your landing page? You could be trying to sell a product or service, get people to sign up for your newsletter, attract subscribers to your blog, or anything else along those lines. Make sure your page conveys this message, communicates with the proper audience, and points your visitors in the right direction.

  1. Adjust Your Value Proposition

What is your value proposition? In other words, what value are your offering your visitors that will convince them to take action? Now that you have your end goal in mind, adjust your value proposition to match.

  1. Keep it Clean and Consistent

Is your landing page visually appealing? Does it draw attention to the appropriate places, such as the call to action button or sign up form? If not, you may want to make some changes.

Consider changing the fonts across your landing page and website so that they are easy to read, clean, and consistent. Decide whether your brand is better suited for a serif font or sans serif font. Try to use a font size that is easily readable, such as 12pt font.

Font isn’t everything, though. Also make sure you are using responsive web design to target visitors that use smartphones and tablets to access your website, utilize arrows to draw attention, and use white space to your advantage. Nobody likes a cluttered website and if your landing page is too crowded, it could drive visitors away.

  1. Use Testing to Measure the Effectiveness

Once you finish creating your landing page, make sure to test it among several people. If you come up with two or three different designs, test them both out to see which one converts better. This type of testing will allow you to measure the effectiveness of each of your designs and choose which one is a better fit for your brand.

  1. Make Changes Accordingly

If you continue to use these techniques and implement proper testing, you will be able to make changes and slight adjustments every now and then in order to maintain a high conversion rate and ultimately meet your goals.


By Samantha Haupt

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