Revamp Your Blog with 5 Unique Content Types

Are you running out of ideas for blog topics? Need some fresh, new content to introduce to your audience? It can be difficult to find relevant topics that your readers are interested in, so introducing different types of content can be a fantastic solution.

Blog Content Types

Try introducing a few, or all, of these formats on your blog and potentially watch your social media shares, blog subscribers, and traffic increase.

  1. Videos

Creating videos for your audience is a great way to build your social media shares. Social networks such as Facebook are constantly encouraging new ways of sharing content, and video is currently one of the most popular methods of doing so.

  1. Infographics

Blog posts with infographics have the ability to capture viewer attention much faster than traditional written posts. Not to mention, using an infographic in your blog will allow you to get your point across in a shorter amount of time.

This doesn’t mean you have to create your own infographics, although that would be ideal. If you have an idea for a post, search for an already existing infographic and feature it in your post. Just make sure you properly give credit to its creator.

  1. Motivation from Industry Leaders

This might include inspirational quotes, advice from recent interviews, or stories about their latest ventures. Give your audience a place to go when looking for motivation.

  1. Industry Announcements

Similar to the previous content type, announcements may be included on your blog to keep your audience up to date with the latest developments and news in your industry. It’s possible that you could become known for this type of content and get regular visitors as a result.

  1. Best Content Posts

Creating lists and roundups of the best content in your industry or niche gives people a place to go for tips and advice when needed. Plus, the content is already created for you – you simply must collect it and refer to it in one place. Don’t forget to summarize each link in a short paragraph, so your readers know where you are directing them.

Keeping these five unique content types in mind, it’s also important to include traditional written posts as well, and to vary the length of your posts. Many people appreciate variety and your audience may thank you for it!


By Samantha Haupt

About Samantha Haupt

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