Rhode Island Black Business Association

Founded in 2011

In November 2010 approximately fifty community leaders came together as an interest group to look at issues affecting the black/urban Business community. This group conducted brainstorming sessions and did random sampling of individuals and business to help determine the priorities. After a detailed analysis was completed the group recommended that the Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA) be established.

The Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA) is dedicated to enhancing the growth and economic empowerment of Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Rhode Island Business Development Institute is a 501 (c) (3) charitable arm of RIBBA and provides financial support for RIBBA’s initiatives and programs by the way of grants and fundraisers

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the united voice and leader of the Black business community in Rhode Island.

Our Mission

The Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA) is dedicated to enhancing the growth and economic empowerment of Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals by providing them a forum to competitively participate in the local and global economy, primarily through business development, legislative advocacy, business mentoring and quality educational opportunities and professional development resources. RIBBA promotes entrepreneurship for its Members, Black Entrepreneurs and Professionals; as a viable economic development engine in improving the quality of life in their communities.

Mission Critical Elements

  • Maintain membership value – it is core to RIBBA success to maintain and continue to grow membership and deliver membership value.
  • Establish and maintain visibility and relevance in government, the broader Rhode Island business community and the Black business community of interest.
  • Establish and maintain a communications plan that leverages electronic media access, news agencies and direct communications to RIBBA membership and the Black community.
  • Establish and sustain RIBBA financial stability and the capacity to fund mission activities.

Our Core Values


Our Goals

  • Promote B2B business relationships through networking, education, workshops and presentations
  • Become an active player and participant in Rhode Island’s urban revitalization
  • Advocate for and lead the equitable participation of Black businesses in the economy of Rhode Island
  • Assist in creating the growth, scale and profitability of Rhode Island’s Black businesses
  • Increase the number of profitable Black businesses in Rhode Island
  • Develop a culture of entrepreneurship within the Black youth of Rhode Island
  • To advocate on behalf of Black businesses for access to public and private capital and procurement opportunities

RIBBA will accomplish its goals by having a shared vision, a targeted approach, and by working through our standing committees to achieve the overall success for the association.

The Rhode Island Black Business Association

Mailing Address: 3 Regency Plaza, Suite 3 East, Providence, RI 02903
Tel: (401) 383-1179  |  Fax: (401) 383-5366
URL: www.ri-bba.com | E-mail: info@ri-bba.com


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