The Reason for Business is NOT to Make Money

Reason for BusinessI have a radical idea…

The primary reason for a business is NOT to make money.

A business exists for only 2 reasons…to solve problems and provide a platform for individuals to live out their purpose. The better a business is at accomplishing these objectives and telling enough of the right people, they WILL make money.

I want to develop 7 billion entrepreneur-leaders. People who:

  1. Understand money and become and live generously debt free
  2. Know their purpose and live meaningful lives
  3. Start and run their own full-time or part-time business
  4. Secure the future of our world by leaving an enduring legacy

Why? I want to change the world by ending poverty by unleashing knowledge that will empower entrepreneur-leaders who will use commerce to usher solutions that solves problems and meet the needs of people.

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