What is BootstrapBootcamp?

BootstrapBootcampBootstrapBootcamp is a holistic entrepreneur-leadership training that doesn’t just focus on starting businesses but also spends a considerable amount of time developing you as an entrepreneur-leader – one who is solid in their personal life and as such positioned for success in their business life.

To be poor is to have lack and no hope of more.

Entrepreneurs solve problems, live by design and generate income.  To be an entrepreneur is to have hope – to be an entrepreneur-leader is to give hope.

BootstrapBootcamp teaches:

  1.        How to get rid of chaos and clutter
  2.        How to live a debt-free life
  3.        How to live life on purpose
  4.        How to plan on purpose
  5.        How to start a business on purpose

By helping people get rid of chaos, live debt-free and live by design, BootstrapBootcamp gives freedom.

By helping people be good stewards of their time and money and learn how to start businesses, BootstrapBootcamp gives hope.

I want freedom and hope to fill the earth like the waters cover the sea.  Here is a free link to BootstrapBootcamp for you and those you influence – http://bit.ly/FreeBootstrapBootcamp.

Never lose your wonder.

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