10 Content Promotion Tools Worth Using

Content Marketing Strategy

Promotion can take up every minute of your day, but only if you let it. There are a vast number of tools created to help marketers and business owners cover all the bases when it comes to content promotion, while taking up a minimum amount of time.

When creating a content marketing plan, consider the following 10 tools that are constantly being used and recommended by many others.

  1. UbersuggestGet suggestions for new content based on search terms used by your target audience.
  1. BuzzSumoType in a topic to see how the content has performed in the past. View the total number of social media shares of previously posted content by key influencers in your industry.
  1. PR.com: After posting new content, use this tool to distribute your news everywhere and enhance your presence in the online world.
  1. Twitter and FacebookThese two common social networks serve over one billion users and feature content from all over the world. Post your content on these networks for free, or use the paid advertising offered by both Twitter and Facebook.
  1. Pinterest and SlideSharePinterest is excellent for sharing any pages with photos, such as blog posts. SlideShare can be used to post business presentations, generate leads, and measure your results.
  1. Hootsuite: Need help with social media management? This tool can do it for you. Manage multiple social network accounts, schedule posts, and measure your results.
  1. RedditSharing your content, gaining ideas for new content, and understanding your target audience are three excellent reasons to use this tool.
  1. MailChimpEmail marketing is still a great way to reach internet users and promote your content. Join the millions of users who use this tool to design attractive campaigns and measure the results.
  1. Disqus: A large discussion platform with topics of all sorts. Post your content here and keep track of discussions in your industry.
  1. Mention: Stay up to date with your online presence. Keep track of discussions about your brand when they pop up across the web, and join in to promote your content.

Apart from these fantastic tools, there are also countless more out there worth looking at. Before spending your time or money on advertising, make sure you’re spending it in the right place!


By Samantha Haupt


About Samantha Haupt

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  • My all-time favourite is Buzzsumo, because it makes it easy to find influencers and connect with fellow bloggers. I have never tried ContentMarketer.io, I think I should have a look. 🙂

    As a content marketer it is quite tricky and takes time to decide which content to promote on social media. Most of us (marketers) use 3-4 different tools to figure out which story to promote and how to adjust our content strategy.

    Currently, we are working on a product (Chrome extension) which uses predictive analytics to recommend content for promotion. It basically tells marketers what (content), when and where to share on social media. It could increase social sharing by 80%.

    Please check out and tell me what you think: http://www.brandvee.com/maya

    We’re currently in public beta so feedback from you guys is more than welcome! It’s all free.

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