Q. Are you currently struggling with the How-To’s of starting your business?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will give you a proven template to get your business started or more firmly established which in turn will give you the confidence to walk down the Yellow Brick Road of Entrepreneurship.

Q. Not sure of the best approach to Web Design, Logo options?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will walk you through all of your online options when it comes to establishing or improving your web presence and the type of branding you need to be successful which will ultimately save you money at the end of the day from buying tools or services you may not need right now.

Q. You can barely balance your own personal checkbook much less set up a business budget and accounting system.

Bootstrap Bootcamp will give you a basic business budget template which will help you keep track of your cash inflows and outflows and more importantly determine if your business is financially healthy or not.

Q. Can’t figure out why your email “MrSmileyPants@You-Fill-In-The-Blank.com has turned off many would be clients?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will walk you through getting a domain for your business and help you get set up on GoogleApps with professional email address and business communication system ( Totally FREE).

Q. Don’t know where to go to get a business license?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will identify the steps you need to take to get a business license from your town or city and what will be needed if you decide you want to incorporate which will help to legitimize and establish your business in the eyes of your potential clients and also competitors.

Q. Not sure if your purpose in life is lined up with the Business you want to start?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will help you answer some tough questions about your purpose and your business which will help you to be more focused and passionate about your business pursuits.

Q. Can’t seem to find enough time in the day to get anything done…especially when you are working a full-time job?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will walk you through a lot of time saving and efficient tips to help manage your personal and professional life while starting a business which will help you get established in your business quicker.

Q. Afraid to share your idea with anyone for fear they will steal it?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will walk you through the best ways to share information about your business with people and when a Non Disclosure agreement may be necessary which will help you to be confident about when you should or shouldn’t share information with someone.

Q. Constantly drawing business plans and inventions on napkins but never figuring out a way to bring at least one idea to life?

Bootstrap Bootcamp will walk you through how to take an idea on paper and bring it to life which will help to empower you to fulfill your goal of being a successful Entrepreneur.

Q. Not sure what any of these acronyms mean, CRM, NDA, DB, API, P&L, LLC, RFP, or SAAS? 

Bootstrap Bootcamp will try to simplify Business practices, theory, and ideas, which will help you feel more confident talking about your business goals with people and identifying those that can help you based on their skill set and experience.